Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This blog contains all the code snippets for you related to your Operating systems undergraduate course.To see them, navigate to the corresponding pages, using the links on the right hand side of this blog.Try to use this, only as reference.And in home page, I will try to give you the knowledge on operating systems in as simple language as possible.Before you download any of the codes in the pages, don't forget to read why those algorithms are used during the start of each page.This is the standard book I followed for my course and these snippets are from the assignments of standard chapters.Here's the Amazon link for it

This blog is the result of my frustration.Although I did all the programmes myself and submitted the code, our professor gave me a "B" :(

 Anyway I don't have any issues with the prof now :)

All the programs are available in a github repository, below is the link to it


Also just in case if you want powerpoints of all chapters of Galvin, that are freely distributed, below is the download link for it


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